Ancient city Počitelj

If you are on your way to Hutovo blato or the Adriatic coast , this is the place where you absolutely must stop . This quiet oriental town is a half hour drive south on the road M - 17 from Mostar.

This unique settlement is included in the UNESCO list and recent reconstruction has returned the town to its original form . Besides its stunning oriental architecture and ottoman feel , Počitelj is interesting and well-known as a host of a fine art colony with the longest tradition in Southeastern Europe.

Artists from all over the world come here to create , and paint among other things, bright red pomegranates and figs that grow in abundance in the hills around Počitelj.

Hajji Alija mosque , Sisman - Ibrahimpasa madrassas and Gavrankapetanovis house recently reconstructed and all of these facilities are open to visitors . The most interesting object in Počitelj is the clock tower , fortress high on a hill above the town . It was the home for guards who were watching to prevent possible invasion from the Neretva valley.