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River Camp Bara

Camping Mostar - All information for your next trip

As you will see below this story can be yours, if you ever come to Bosnia and Herzegovina or chose camping Mostar for your next trip.


Blagaj is a small town in southern Bosnia and Herzegovina. Blagaj is located only 7 km south from Mostar. During the antiquity Blagaj had both Illyrian fort and Roman Castrum.


This quiet , sunny southern town full of striking Ottoman architecture is a true pearl for those interested in anthropology, archeology and history .


The story of Medjugorje is well known to most catholics . Six teenagers are 1981st played in the hills between the village of Medjugorje and Bijakovići , when Our Lady appeared and spoke to them.

Ancient city Počitelj

If you are on your way to Hutovo blato or the Adriatic coast , this is the place where you absolutely must stop . This quiet oriental town is a half hour drive south on the road M - 17 from Mostar.


The city of Mostar , political, financial and cultural center of the Herzegovina - Neretva Canton is located at the foot of the slopes of the mountains Velez , Hum and Cabulje , in the valley of the Neretva River , at an altitude of 60-80 m.


In the Herzegovina karst , in the municipality of Ljubuski are the Kravice waterfalls . Its course the river Trebižat, creates wonderful and beautiful waterfalls . The height of the waterfall is approximately 28 meters


In southwestern Herzegovina is a beautiful valley Popovo Polje . This bit of ancient limestone field is part of the largest karst areas in the world that stretches all over from the Croatia all the way to Slovenia

Hutovo blato

Birds reservation Hutovo Blato is a swamp created by the underground water system of the Krupa River . Fed from the limestone massif Ostrvo that separates Deransko and Svitavsko lake

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